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2011-01-12 02:21:39 by Stratium

My new game here


I hate the clock crew!

2010-08-16 07:53:22 by Stratium

Seriously they're not that great. Damn you all to hell clock crew!

Who's with me!!!?

Frankston & Liamo

2010-07-29 22:18:54 by Stratium

These are my latest cartoons. Which for the first time I haven't used stickmen for the characters. And have also used sound effects.

Frankston and Liamo are the best of friends. Frankston loves to play his idea of a "joke" on Liamo. But Liamo isn't happy about these so called "jokes".

Episode 1

Episode 2

I don't expect to be making any more. According to their score, the're not that great.

Frankston & Liamo

Damn you all to HELL!

2010-02-21 02:55:04 by Stratium

Actually, thats a bit harsh i say...