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Entry #4


2011-01-12 02:21:39 by Stratium

My new game here



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2011-01-12 02:35:26

I played your new game for awhile and hard. but I was able to make it to lvl 8. It's both challenging and fun in my opinion. I would say make lvl 7 a bit more easier and maybe add one medal to this game. A secret one...just saying.

Stratium responds:

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. Also I didn't bother to lock the levels so you should try some even harder levels if you want.


2011-01-12 06:05:54

Hell yeah 3.1/5!!! Best score I've ever had on Newgrounds!


2011-01-12 17:38:44

I fininshed all the levels except for the 11th one. That one is tough. Great game, The music was awesome, but it didn't repeat unfortunately.

Stratium responds:

Thanks man. Maybe that should have been the last level, but I didn't because the level is kinda straight forward, and just needs precise movement. Also I realised the music didn't loop and have fixed that. Nine Inch Nails, best band ever!